Our approach

Wildrose wines are honest wines without a corset.

The wine world is a rose garden and our wines are inspired by the plant that grows on the slopes of our vineyards: the wild rose. Adapted to its location, it sits enthroned as a shade-giver and offers habitat. A prickly character, but beautifully elegant with its delicate blossoms.

This is how we understand our vineyards and the resulting wines. They should not follow a pattern. No rigid classification. We want to reflect the origin unvarnished. The soil with the vines, the climate and those who care for the vines.

Our Selection of Wines

Sauvignon Blanc · PetNat Riesling · Grüner Veltliner

Each bottle tells an individual story, which we believe is reflected in the quality: unvarnished, unfiltered and genuine. A reflection of the vineyard in the bottle.

Sauvignon Blanc

There are wines that are special. The roots of our Sauvignon Blanc vines have to find their way through granite and gneiss. It is a very special moment every year when we let nature take its course and see the first juicy grapes through the leaves in autumn.

The hand-picked grapes come from the vineyard north of Langenlois. The whole berries are fermented on the mash for a week. Then they are gently pressed to mature in traditional wooden barrels. The wine is bottled naturally, unfiltered and unfined.

PetNat Riesling

Our Pétillant Naturel (short “PetNat”) shows itself quite unadorned and expressive. It is probably the rested soils of our vineyards at Schenkenbichl and Steinberg in Langenlois that make the taste so unique.

Grüner Veltliner

Planted in the late 80s, the vineyards are in the prime of their life. Lime-rich loess dominates here in the south of Langenlois on Friesenrock. The grapes are harvested when perfectly ripe, fermented on the skins and left to rest in wooden barrels. One year later, the wine is blended with fresh, whole-cluster pressed must to bring in a lot of freshness.


The Zweigelt vines grow on primary rock soil north of Langenlois. Without irrigation on this soil, the yields are small, but the taste is concentrated. The whole grapes are fermented, stored in used barrels and bottled unfiltered. Purist red wine with lots of Waldviertel freshness and velvety tannin structure.


Pure elderberry magic! Like a beautiful bouquet of fragrant flowers, this wine is a collection of aromatic grape varieties: Gelber Muskateller, Muskat Ottonel, Scheurebe and Sauvignon Blanc. Fermented on the skins and aged in stainless steel, this wine is an everybody’s darling if you like fragrant.

Breaking new
ground together
with nature and the

We are guests here. Let’s act like it. Our vineyards are free of herbicides, insecticides, glyphosate and mineral fertilisers. We enrich the soil with humus from pomace (press residues). For us, plant protection means above all precise leaf work by hand in summer, the promotion of biodiversity and the preservation of the vineyard habitat for animals and insects.

For us, the fruits of the harvest mean responsibility towards the environment. We look to the future and take important steps for the next generations.